Hayate no Gotoku!! Ep.5

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nyaa train station!

Okay, so this episode started off with a new character (right? I have a bad memory lol) Ayumu’s brother. Probaboly not going to be an important character, nothing special about him. He confessed to nagi in a public place, an d toke her to the train station, and Nagi thought she was supposed to jump on the train when it comes lol. Hayate was with them the whole time, though i only spotted him 2 times. I read the manga, but that was long time ago, I think  Hayate was jumping on the buildings when they were in the train. Then Nagi went home, and said something about a handkerchief thing blah blah, so they’ll probaboly meet again. Cute, but not that interesting. After, Nagi thought Hayate was mad at her for cheating on him with another guy. Then it was bath time, yay! Hayate had to give Nagi the towel, but Nagi thought it was Maria, so she stood up. Hayate saw everything, but it’s okay cause there was nothing there anyways.

No HIna this week but, i think that’s good thing. She should be the character that everyone anticipates for. If she appear too much then she’ll lose her value. That’s why I don’t care for the ED, I mean I like it because it’s Hina, but this story is about a butler and his ojou-sama, not a boy and his school friend.



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  1. >>No HIna this week.

    There will be full of Hinagiku next week.

    >>but this story is about a butler and his ojou-sama, not a boy and his school friend.

    This is about a story of a butler and his mishaps. Even the manga is moving that way.

    • good to know ^^

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