What makes an Anime “good”?

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(I really need to be more creative with titles -_-;) So what makes an Anime “good”? In my opinion the categories goes like this: Characters>Animation>Story>Sound.

I think characters are the real reasons that make me want to watch the show. The characters are the ones who give life and energy to the story. Even if the story is really intriguing and mysterious, if i don’t like any characters, i don’t feel that there should be any reason to follow their story.

Such as Shakugan no Shana

I know it’s a great anime, and almost everyone loves it. The animation is beautiful, character designs are cute, the story is also pretty good with lots of action…. But I dropped it, at the middle of the first season. There wasn’t any character that made me sympathize with or remotely liked. Actually I though the beginning was pretty good, but then in ep. 12 I hated their confession of “Yuji’s mine!!! No, I like Yuji!!..blah blah” It made me mad just by looking at them. Kazumi is stupid and weak, Shana is just a bitch, and all the others are so bland, but that’s only my opinion. Sure maybe they developed more as the series went on, but they couldn’t keep me watching. There’s a 5% chance i might pick it up again, just to see what happens, most likely not though.

And then there’s Anime like Lucky Star, Hidamari Sketch, or K-on!

Those shows would not survive without an interesting cast of characters. But I love them! I don’t dislike any of the characters at all. Even though they have zero to none story line, it’s still fun to watch, and i look forward to every episode. It’s the way they interact with each other, and their quirkiness. It makes me want to see what they’ll say and do next. Also animation is important too, even if it’s a bit shallow, it’s still much more pleasing to see a good one.

Now Clannad and Toradora have all of these aspects. Not saying they are the best anime ever! But I really find them appealing to my tastes. Actually Toradora in the biginning was just another average anime to me, I didn’t even like Taiga. Minori was probaboly the one that kept me going. Slowly thorough character develpment Taiga has became one of my favourite characters!

In the end it’s really about how you enjoy Anime ^^


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  1. Very true! I’ve heard much from Shakugan no Shana, but in my personal opinion, there really wasn’t much going on in the first season. You could really tell that the 24th episode was asking for another season. To make money? To get viewers interested? It’s not like Code Geass, a fast-paced Anime with interesting events going on every single episode. Even the fan-service episodes that had almost nothing to do with plot came as a pleasant, yet unsuspected surprise.

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